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Greece, Switzerland, Norway | 75’ 

Dear Future delves into the significance of memory in shaping our personal and collective identities. Through an exploration of archives across various regions, the film raises inquiries about our humanity, in an age where meaning appears to be slipping away. It prompts us to consider what we choose to store, the methods we employ for storage, the aspects we unintentionally forget along the way, and how our narratives undergo alterations.

Dear Future 01
Dear Future 03
Dear Future 02
Dear Future 04

Directed by Christiana Chiranagnostaki

| Production: Argonauts Productions, A Vol d'Oiseau, Mattima Films |

Selected at Documentary Campus and Agora Docs.
With the support of Ernst Göhner Foundation, Sandoz Family Foundation,
the Greek Film Centre and ERT TV.

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